Elementa Leadership works across the higher education sector and with a number of universities covering all mission groups. This ‘case study’ document provides an overview of the Elementa Leadership’s work in higher education to date, which includes two programmes which have won Times Higher Education awards in the category of ‘Outstanding Contribution to Leadership Development’.
The introductory slides presented by Richard Sharpe at Elementa Leadership’s 2015 Higher Education Seminar at St. Hugh’s College, University of Oxford. The seminar provided an opportunity for senior leaders in higher education to engage in high quality dialogue and exchange enabled by renowned global higher education expert Jamil Salmi. The seminar focused on the potential strategic choices open to universities and their options for effective implementation.
Elementa Leadership presented at the UHR conference in 2010. The presentation focused on the Adaptive Challenges that HE faces. These included post ‘credit crunch’ public sector retrenchment, changes in funding and policy direction, demographic shifts, intensification of global and local competition, students as customers, REF and the impact of technology on teaching and learning.
The Adaptive Capability Index will help you to determine whether your university is more like a dinosaur, crab or dolphin in the way that it operates. Using a theoretical base incorporating complex adaptive systems and systems thinking, the questionnaire can help senior teams to better understand the key strengths and weaknesses that might enable or indeed disable the organisation as it strives to be nimble, adaptive and focused.