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The Characteristics of the Agile Organisation:

  • It has a clarity over organisational purpose as a 'strategic compass'
  • There is a unified and integrated top team, with a collective accountability for delivering the strategy, that creates power in others and avoids 'command and control' where at all possible
  • Has access to high quality and timely data
  • Has the capacity for high quality, 'intelligent' strategic thinking and dialogue that converts data in to usable knowledge
  • Demonstrates deep empathy with and understanding of customers and stakeholders
  • Has permeable boundaries between functions, units and departments that allows for integrated strategic collaboration and avoids silo working
  • Learns quickly and can stop what is evidently not working and do something that does
  • Has an inclusive and open organisational dialogue that allows for the continual re-negotiation of the 'psychological contract'
  • Innovation built upon employee engagement and high levels of bounded employee autonomy
  • Has the ability to quickly redeploy resources to areas of need
  • Engenders high levels of discretionary effort around purpose and strategy

The Changing Landscape

 Globalisation, macroeconomic and political instability and uncertainty, digitisation and environmental trends and events are the elements of an increasingly complex and challenging strategic landscape.  Yesterday's certainties and success formulas are likely to be poor guides to the future in this less predictable and faster paced world. The need for organisations to become more agile in this context is, we believe, not an option but a strategic necessity. Those organisations that can nimbly adapt to this fast changing landscape will create a distinctive strategic advantage that will be the basis for sustainable success.


 We believe that organisations that can nimbly adapt to a fast changing landscape will create a distinctive strategic advantage that will be the basis of continued success. This is the essence of The Agile Organisation.


Strategic thinking and planning in turbulent times


 "I've worked with Richard in two different government departments. In both organisations there were key challenges around creating new structures and creating and developing new leadership teams. Richard's support was invaluable and he brings to his work a depth of professional experience that I really value."          

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