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Alignment and Engagement

Engaged Strategic Planning

Engaged Strategic Planning is a strategic thinking and planning approach based upon meaningful engagement with the whole organisation and its key stakeholders and customers that fosters fresh strategic thinking, new possibilities and a collective commitment to implementation.

It is a process that unifies all elements of the organisation, as a community, in pursuit of a common purpose. It connects all stakeholders with a realistic view of the context and an opportunity to create a future direction that is both compelling and inspiring. This creates a strategic plan that is universally understood and widely legitimised.

The process utilises the idea of an internal planning 'task force'. Engaged Strategic Planning is the foundation for building a collective leadership capability allowing many, not just the chosen few, to step up to the plate and help to ensure that their organisation is still successful in the future.

We have developed an approach and process to Engaged Strategic Planning based upon significant direct experience of facilitating strategic thinking and of developing successful organisational alignment and engagement strategies. This work is also informed by the latest research on effective strategic planning, the psychological contract and employee engagement.




"Alignment and Engagement is helping people to get 'line of sight' to the strategy whilst simultaneously enabling them to offer their discretionary effort, diversity and creativity in a climate where voice, fairness and performance are all valued. It is the ability to partner and collaborate with others"


University of East Anglia

'Strategic Change' -

The Strategy Engagement Process


"Working with Elementa Leadership has been key to our success in developing a new strategy for the School which I feel confident will enable us to realise our potential and to be in tune with the
University's corporate plans, our many external partner organisations, our students and service users. In the last year, Elementa have brought us a range of strategies through which we have been able to realise our wish to engage with staff and to hear and understand their views. Elementa's knowledge and critique of the HE sector, the wider economy and the world of health care together with experience of working with large organisations in other sectors has won the confidence of the School senior team and academic and support staff alike."

Professor Val Lattimer, Head of School of Nursing Sciences …
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