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Innovation and Resource Fluidity

Innovation and Improvement: Whole System Engagement and Large Group Interventions

Our approach to innovation and improvement involves interventions that engage large groups of people in strategic dialogue, to develop options for change, knowledge sharing and collective problem solving. This approach is designed as an alternative to a 'command and control' response to complex organisational challenges. It is a way of dipping into the vast sea of human potential, creativity and wisdom that exists in and around all organisations and of changing the nature of the organisational conversation. Having all stakeholders together in the same room creates a broad base of knowledge, improves cross-functional working, and maximises 'whole system' learning and ultimately delivers a workable plan. This approach aims to give voice and influence to people throughout an organisation fostering a sense of 'one team' whilst honouring and valuing essential diversity.

We have used this large group approach, based on dialogue, to improve organisational processes, generate innovative solutions to intransigent problems and to liberate new ways of thinking and behaving.

Our areas of support:

  • Guiding and advising on the creation of an innovation enabling culture
  • Facilitating innovation and improvement groups
  • Facilitating organisation wide dialogue around critical strategic issues

We have found the benefits in organisations to be:

  • Engages the whole organisation in strategic thinking, planning and problem solving - people become builders not victims
  • Fosters wide legitimacy of future plans and strategies
  • A way of engaging internal and external stakeholders in a meaningful way and is based on the principle that people support what they help to create
  • Latent organisational knowledge and creativity is surfaced, connected and practically applied
  • Increased speed and appropriateness of change - collective knowledge is orchestrated quickly and defines the best ways forward
  • Creates organisational energy and individual motivation
  • Breaks down unhelpful boundaries and artificial distinctions and promotes achievement orientated collaboration
  • Builds a new basis for organisational conversations and relationships




"Innovation and Resource Fluidity is the ability of individuals and teams to identify and act upon better ways of doing things and the ability of the organisation to reconfigure business processes and systems and redeploy resources quickly"


University of the West of England

'Strategic Change' -

Engaging for Business Process

Improvement and Organisation Design


"University of the West of England have emerged from an 18 month period of intense team working with new leaner and more focused structures but much more importantly as 'One University'. Heads of Services have moved beyond any silo mentality and Deans have shifted their mindsets to engage with central services in partnership."

Dr Richard O'Doherty

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