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Leadership Capability

Building the Agile Top Team

Developing an integrated, collaborative and high performing strategic leadership team

Building the Agile Top Team supports the development of improved strategic leadership of the organisation by better integrating the contributions of each top team member around strategic purpose and goals.

Our approach to our top team work is informed by significant direct experience of working with strategic leadership teams across different sectors and the latest research and evidence relating to top team effectiveness. We have developed a generic proven process that we tailor to the needs of individual clients.

This process is based upon three key elements:

  • Feedback for the Top Team
  • Diagnosing Top Team Performance
  • Building Top Team Performance

Bridge-Building Leadership

Developing leadership to join up the organisation, enabling an agile response to a changing world

Bridge-Building Leadership is a leadership development service which supports the development of individuals in strategically important roles who need to foster and develop cross-organisation collaboration in order to deliver strategically aligned high performance solutions.  Bridge-Building Leadership is tailored to meet client needs. 

We have developed an approach and process to the development of Bridge-Building Leadership based upon significant direct experience of developing senior leaders and informed by the latest research on leadership effectiveness.

Coaching for a Complex Environment

Our coaching service takes a systemic approach, assisting busy people to see better the patterns of relationships and connections that produce their status quo. We blend an in depth understanding of organisational psychology, organisational, personal and leadership development and organisational strategy and change and use this in appropriate combinations dependent on the context and needs of each client. Our approach is then both flexible and informed.  We work with the real world issues of our coachees and uncover and clarify their unique strengths that can be harnessed in response to these.

Our coaches have access to a wide repertoire of enabling tools; these include the use of appropriate psychometrics including Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Hogan Development Survey, Hogan Personality Survey, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) and Firo B. 

We have worked with a number of leaders helping them become more effective and confident in a variety of contexts illustrated below:

  • Supporting an IT director as he introduced significant change as part of an organisation structure
  • Supporting the Managing Director of a large transport organisation to become more strategic and less involved in day to day operations
  • Helping the director of a recruitment company to develop a better relationship with her team following team member grievances
  • Helping a director in a local authority to feel more confident and influential in a new role
  • Helping a senior manager in a public sector organisation to make career progress and to achieve a satisfactory work-life balance
  • Helping a director of a public sector organisation to build more trusting and productive relationships



"Leadership Capability is the ability of the organisation to build an inclusive community of leaders and to be able to make and implement bold decisions fast. The ability of the 'top team' to be unified and coherent"


University of York 'Strategic Leadership Development' - Leadership for 'World-Class' Performance.


"A great strength of the Leadership Programme Elementa designed with us was bringing together academic and support heads of department to learn and develop collectively. This has already and will continue to bring great benefit to the staff involved, their departments and the University"

Deputy Vice Chancellor
The University of York
Case Studies