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Strategic Understanding

Developing Strategy in a More Complex World

The need for organisations to better define what they are and what they excel at has never been greater.  Our value is in ensuring that the top team has framed the right questions, that it has all of the data it needs to make effective strategic decisions and that it is not hide bound by self limiting assumptions and it can convert data into usable knowledge quickly and effectively.

Our areas of support:

Strategic Thinking and Scenario Planning Workshops

  • Strategic Thinking Workshop 

The key focus for this will be a) Why we exist b) Who we serve c) What we produce d) Our differentiated positioning. This workshop will clarify organisational purpose, positioning and values.

  • Scenario Planning Development Workshop/s 

The key focus for this will be the development of a number of possible future organisational scenarios. Participants to be drawn from throughout the organisation including those in senior executive, planning, policy and finance roles, custodians of institutional data and subject matter experts  to produce possible future scenarios with agreed time horizons. Some pre-workshop desk research would usually be undertaken by Elementa to clarify trends, drivers and events and this would be made available to participants in a pre-workshop 'horizon scanning' pack.

  • Scenario Planning Workshop

The key focus for this will be the interrogation of the scenarios developed and in particular analysing various strategic options against them.






"Strategic Understanding is the sharpness of strategic perception, clarity of purpose and the intensity of curiosity and attention. Strategic Understanding is having empathy with customers and stakeholders"


'Top Teams' and their contribution to The Agile Organisation, a literature review by Richard Sharpe