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How we can help you develop your Strategic Agility?

Elementa Leadership believes that the Agile Organisation results from embedding the four elements of Strategic Agility. We work with you to understand where you are on your journey to becoming an Agile Organisation and clarify and appreciate your existing strengths and capabilities focusing on those areas that require improvement. Within each of the elements of Strategic Agility, there are services to support your organisation, please click on the elements to find out more…

Strategic Understanding - This is the sharpness of strategic perception, clarity of purpose and the intensity of curiosity and attention. Strategic Understanding is having empathy with customers and stakeholders…

The need for organisations to better define what they are and what they excel at has never been greater. Our value is in ensuring that the top team has framed the right questions, that it has all of the data it needs to make effective strategic decisions and that it is not hide bound by self-limiting assumptions and it can convert data into usable knowledge quickly and effectively.

 Services we provide in support of Strategic Understanding

  • Strategic Thinking and Scenario Planning Workshops

Leadership Capability - This is the ability of the organisation to build an inclusive community of leaders and to be able to make and implement bold decisions fast. The ability of the 'top team' to be unified and coherent…

Services we provide in support of Leadership Capability

  • Building an Agile Top Team
  • Bridge-Building Leadership
  • Coaching for a Complex Environment.

Alignment and Engagement - This is helping people to get 'line of sight' to the strategy whilst simultaneously enabling them to offer their discretionary effort, diversity and creativity in a climate where voice, fairness and performance are all valued. At its heart is the most important contract of them all, the 'psychological contract'. It is the ability to align and engage with partner organisations to foster strategic collaboration.

 Services we provide in support of Alignment and Engagement

  • Engaged Strategic Planning

Innovation and Resource Fluidity - This is the ability of individuals and teams to identify and act upon better ways of doing things and the ability of the organisation to reconfigure business processes and systems and redeploy resources quickly…

 Services we provide in support of Innovation and Resource Fluidity

  •  Innovation and Improvement: Whole System Engagement and Large Group Interventions.

The ability of the organisation, as a living human system, to thrive on and learn from continuous waves of change such that change becomes a natural and inevitable part of organisational life and not an isolated and threatening event.  Strategic Agility is the ability to continually develop new capabilities as a source of sustainable strategic advantage.


Try Elementa Leadership's Adaptive Capability Index to diagnose your organisation's Strategic Agility