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Our Approach
We co-create solutions with our clients. We take an appreciative approach, uncovering and building on what is actually working. We do not just focus on what is broken.

Our interest is in better understanding organisations as living adaptive human systems with multiple stakeholders. We use and apply the framework of Strategic Agility… What We Do

Employee 'Voice'
A complex, fast paced external environment requires that 'voice' should be afforded to all employees in order that they become fully engaged with the enterprise and its aims enabling them to offer up their discretionary effort. Our processes and interventions have this principle at their heart. Discretionary effort manifests itself in a willingness to share knowledge and collaborate across boundaries, in the energy for innovation and in people acting as responsible and accountable organisational citizens.

Leadership in Agile Organisations
We see the critical role that leadership plays in building an Agile Organisation. Building an organisation full of leaders may be more beneficial than looking for a small number of 'heroic' individuals as the answer to complexity and future success.

Elementa Leadership will work closely with you to help:

  • Build a more adaptive, nimble and resilient organisation
  • Increase cross-boundary/agency knowledge sharing, problem solving and collaboration
  • Improve strategic thinking, foresight and planning
  • Build proactive and accountable performance orientated teams and communities
  • Increase the number and quality of innovative and market-differentiating solutions
  • Enable more satisfying and psychologically rewarding work
  • Harness diversity and difference as a strength
  • Enhance the customer and stakeholder experience
  • Engage with and liberate your pool of human talent and potential
  • Move beyond command, control and micro-management
  • Our research into the elements of an 'agile organisation'
  • Our evidence-based approach to consultancy
  • Our international and cross-sectoral experience
  • The quality of our people
  • Our value for money
  • Our track record in co-creating and partnering with our clients

To learn more about how we work with clients and the outcomes achieved see our case studies… Case Studies